ISR Stealer Latest Version Password Hacking Tool Free Download

Any type of User Account Hacking is now growing up very fast. Keylogers tools made for getting logs but hackers use them illegal. Today we are going to highlight the Hacking through Stealer.

What is Stealer?
Stealer is basically used for steal the saved cookies in browsers. It only steal the savedPasswords in browsers eg.IE, chrome, Firefox, And any Messengers.

What is ISR Stealer :

Made in: Romania, Europe
Release date: 27.02.2012
Gfx by: Y.xakep and Tinkode
Beta testers : linuxgirl, zippy and wav3
Updated: 10.03.2012
Developed for: InSecurity.Ro

Now here we go to start Browsers saved password through ISR Stealer.
  • Most Important *Brain 
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Binders
  • MySql Database
 Just start Tutorial ISR Stealer step by step Password Hacking method easy 
Open a hosting provider website. We use there 000WebHost.com ...

Open Sign Up there, if already have account then just Log in as showing below picture.

NoteFor Viewing Big size Picture just Save Picture in you Computer.

ISR Stealer Latest Version Password Hacking Tool Free Download [Tutorial]

After Login Click on your Control Panel (CP) as showing below picture


New web page will appear there as Control Panel. Just click on MySql for next step.


The new webpage will open & now you will create your own new MySql Database.

I'll suggest you that the name you put on 1st option , you have to write there (db) .
& 2nd Option you've to write Admin / Author
& Last one type there your Password. Then next step ...


Now open that Folder where you've to saved ISR Stealer downloaded . There will be a folder named by (PHP) open & open there file (config.php) in NotePad.
Now type there your Database user name & your own login User + Password.


After saving your info in Config.php file save as same & select all to get them in single Archive. Just Like this:


& Now next step is go to Control Panel & Click on File Manager.

After clicking on File Manager new Webpage will appear (just showing below picture). Now click on Upload Button & there will open a new webpage that is our next step.


Now select all files in PHP Folder & click Check Green button for Save & proceed to next step.


Select all files or that Archive folder for uploading & going to next step...


That Green Button is showing for proceed or saved or Next option.


All the files are saved in your File Manager & now Remove the (install.php) folder from the File Manager where others showing like index.php or others.....


There is the picture to showing the Install.php Deleting option.


Now check on Index.php & Click on Open . Now your domain will open with new webpage.


Now Open ISR Stealer save & download already in your Computer.


The ISR Stealer will open like this Green showing picture.


Just use there Your Domain Name (http://www.host.com/index.php)  & Check (Test PHP) .
The checking result will show you as that Done. it is working !!


Now you may build your own Build Server for Publish or sending your victim for attack.  After opening your server file victim all broweser's saved password will show in logs at your domain. Just login in your domain & get logs.


One more suggestion for this Server file. All antivirus will detect this file & file will remove, you've to use Crypters & binder for the safe hacking. With the help of Crypter, victim's antivirus will not detect any virus & binder will help you to save your file behind the any software program that should be Antivirus setup or Microsoft Office setup or any other programs that we use regularly in our computers.

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