Fetch as Googlebot Tool’s SEO benefits

 What is the “Fetch as Googlebot” option?

Fetch as Googlebot tool is assume a critical part in SEO, it is the choice present for webmaster to confirm how the site pages are looking when Googlebot crawl that page. This tool is utilized in following reasons

1. At the time, you have to troubleshoot your site pages to improve the performance good in the web index result pages.

2. Submit your site pages for indexing each time the page substance is altered fundamentally.

3. Watch the pages of your site that creating an issue when your site is hacked by any malware.

Fetch as Googlebot Tool’s SEO benefits
Fetch as Googlebot Tool’s SEO benefits

Way to use Fetch as Googlebot?

Everything you need is to have a Google webmaster tools, included your site and showed effectively with the reason for utilizing this decision. Login to Google Webmaster's account and afterward Fetch as Googlebot option is demonstrated under the "Crawl" area. Enter the URL of your page or leave that container unfilled to fetch site's page and afterward tap on the "fetch" button. The URL put in here is the one you have to troubleshoot or any content is adjusted essentially. You need to choose the Googlebot, sort as mobile XHTML/WML or cHTML with the end goal of checking how the pages are seen by the Googlebot mobile crawler.

Troubleshooting Crawling Issues harm SEO

When you fetch any URL the status would be indicated as "Failed" or "Success" under the "Fetch Status". By tapping on the fizzled or achievement link would be demonstrating to you the HTTP reactions got from your site's server. That is an extremely valuable tool to analyze what the issues in crawling the particular pages and right that issues to verify Googlebot could creep your site pages effectively whenever.

Submitting URLs for Indexing

When you fetch any URL most effectively then you could discover a link named "Submit to Index" and you'll have taking after two options all through submit your site pages for indexing.

1. Just submit the fetch URL, choose option if your site pages are new or modernized as of late.

2. Submit fetch URL together with the various link pages; click this option if your complete site was changed quite recently.

This helps website admin not to stay until the Googlebot crawls your site page next time and request Google to crawl it on the double. Normally Google index new post in a couple of hours after submit however it isn't guaranteed by Google.

Detect malwares affected pages

The source pages code you see and Googlebot see can be diverse, if your site was influenced by any malware. It implies that your site may show up in the search engines results disconnected to your content's keywords. All things considered, you could utilize "Fetch as Googlebot" tool to watch what precisely the Googlebot discover while crawling your pages and take remedial activities. 

Google Webmasters Tools additionally exhibits malware recognition tool which supports to categorize whether your site is influenced or not and assist SEO

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