How to use Google's Disavow Links Tool?

Today we're discussing a tool that enables you to disavow links to your website. Google's link disavowal tool permit publisher to tell Google that they do not need specific links from external websites to be considered as a part of Google's system of numbering links to rank website. Disavow links is an option for webmasters to informed Google to dismissal the spammy backlinks pointing their website. In case you've been informed of a manual spam activity based into account "unnatural links" showing your site, this tool can help you address the issue. Google Disavow link is not available inside Webmaster Tools account, only external link is to be used.

How to use Google Disavow tool

These are the following step to use it.

Step # 1: Download your website links from webmaster tools account
  • First of all download all inbound links pointing to your blog or website.
  • Login webmaster tools account and go to Search Traffic > Links to your site
  • Click More > Click Download mroe sample links
How to use Google's Disavow Links Tool
How to use Google's Disavow Links Tool

Step # 2: Creating Disavow.txt File
  • Create a  .txt document File and Saved only in UTF-8 Format if you used Notepad 

  • Copy the spammy links from your exported CSV file that you couldn't get removed
  • Use only one link in per line
  • You can add comments in the text file using #
  • You can use special language to disavow links from entire domains much as you do in the robot.txt file

Step # 3: Uploading Disavow.txt File
  • Login in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Visit the Google Disavow Link page and select the site you'd like to disavow links from
  • Click on the "Disavow Links" button.
  • Read carefully Google's short warning message and click "Disavow Links"

  • Now! Select the .txt document of the links you'd like cleared and upload

Final analysis

Google Disavow Tool is extremely usefull tool. In the event that your site has been penalized, you will need to watch out for your backlinks and dependably attempt to remove the low quality ones.

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