How to Show fake Partition/Hard disk without any software

How to Show fake Partition/Hard disk without any software
Some time we wish that if we can show fake partition. And wish that we can tell our friend that i have 4-5 TB HDD and take a snapshot and post to facebook.
So here is a simplest way to do so.
In this Trick we actually create dynamically expandable virtual partition which show fake volume size and you can see its fake size in my computer and every where.
But please note that your fake partition is unable to store data more than your HDD. and also it’s size depends on where you have created the fake partition.

So lets Began.


1. Right click on My Computer and click Manage.
Right click and click Manage
2.Now when Computer Management open click Disk Management at left bottom side.
open Disk Management
3. Now Click On More Actions and then click Create VHD at right side.
Create VHD in More Actions
4. Now a New Window will Come Click On Browse and save the virtual disk and name it anything. give size and choose dynamically expanding option. and click OK.
Creating a virtual Hard drive
5.Now the virtual hard disk will automatically attach to your computer.
Initalize disk
To show it in your computer just right click on Disk and click Initialize Disk.
Now right click on The black area and click New Simple Volume and then Next, next, next and next and then finish.
Now you can see your new fake partition in My computer.
My new fake partition

Note :
The Actual Size of the fake partition depends on the the size of that partition where you have created the fake partition(Step 4).
Now If you want to remove the fake partition then follow these steps.
1. Go to disk Management right click on the virtual disk and click detach VHD.
and your virtual/fake partition will not appear in my computer.
Removing the virtual or fake partiton
Click OK
And you are done!!!

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