Window not searching driver software online

 Window not searching driver software online
Window not searching driver software online

As you all know that sometime you need to update a driver software and you don’t now that how to download it from  manufacturer’s website. In
that condition updating driver software using window update is very useful and very easy.

But sometime window don’t check for latest driver and we don’t know the reason.
The reason is that at the time of window installation window ask about how to protect our computer and mostly we select last option NOT NO  :-p..
and using this option means you have to tell your computer later about it but we don’t do this. and that is why window don’t check for latest driver software even if we click search online for driver software.
So the question arises that how can we change this setting so computer will check for latest driver software.


1. Right click on my computer icon and click properties.

2. Now at top left corner click advance system settings.

advance system settings

3.Now go to Hardware Tab and click on Driver installation Setting.

Driver installation settings

4.Now a new window will pop up. It is recommended for you to select the first option. or you can also select second option but make sure you have selected  Always install the best driver software from window update.

installation settings recommended

5. At last click Save changes

Note : You must be logged in as administrator to make these changes.

when you follow these setting go to system properties click device manager and right click on any device and click update driver and finally search automatically for driver software if driver update is available then window automatically update your driver software.

updating driver softwrae

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