How to install Other operating systems in Window Xp,7,8,8.1 or in Mac

How to install Other operating systems in Window Xp,7,8,8.1 or in Mac

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Friends today’s topic is about installing other operating in your window or MAC machine.

I know this seems strange but it is possible by a software called virtual box.

well there is also some software available for this purpose i find virtual box better than other.
Using this this software you can create virtual machine and you can install another operating systems like XP window 7 or previous version like window 95 or 98 or MAC operating system like snow leopard or you can also install android os in your virtual machine.
well some friends are thinking that what are the benefits for using this software we can directly install that OS in our system that i would like to say that for example we want to study some old OS which no longer supported by our desktop or laptop then virtual box help us a lot.
Using virtual box is very simple download it from virtual box’s official site. 

(this software available for PC and also for MAC)
when you install this software it will look like this.

Virtual box
Now click on NEW button and give a nice name to your machine. virtual box will help you to configure your machine.
give the ram size and hard disk size. you can also change the size of video memory and can play with settings.
Just go ahead and play with this cool software.
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