Use Pendrive,USB or MOMERY CARD as RAM in Window

Use Pendrive,USB or MOMERY CARD as RAM in Window

if you have a lot of interest in computer then i think there is nothing worse then a slow computer it becomes so irritating when it take so much time to start a application and when you switch between application it make your computer freeze.
So here is a solution.
You can also use your pendrive as RAM.!!!
actually your computer use pendrive’s space for storing cache files and it increase your computer speed a little.

Watch the Video Fore Detail

But if you always have face this problem  then go and upgrade RAM this is not a permanent solution.

anyways if you want to use your pendrive as RAM then..


1. insert your pendrive in usb port.
2.right click on your pendrive ( in my computer ) and click properties or simply click on pendrive and press Alt+Enter .
3. go to ready boost tab. (second last tab )
4. click  on dedicate this device for ready boost. and click on Apply and then ok.
5. and now you are using your pendrive as RAM.
if you want to remove your pendrive then go to ready boost Tab and click don’t use this device and click apply
Note : To feel the difference use a pendrive which have storage double then your RAM. for example if
2. You cal also recieve an error like can’t use this device for ready boost because it’s not have required performance then try with another pendrive.
That is how you can use your pendrive as RAM. as i mentioned above that this is not a permanent solution go and buy RAM stick and upgrade RAM.
if you have have any problem then comment below.

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